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The mathematical model that describes the behavior of any Operational Amplifier is expressed by the following equation:

V_{OUT}=A\cdot \left( V_{+}-V_{-} \right)

Its meaning is simple: output voltage is equal to the difference between input voltages amplified by a positive factor A (called open-loop gain).

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Operational Amplifier, like any electric or electronic component, can be represented in diagrams by a schematic symbol.

There are more than one schematic symbol and this happens because sometimes it is not necessary to outline all the connections of an Operational Amplifier.

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This article begins a series of lectures on analogic electronics.

It assumes that the reader knows basics of electrical engineering and knows behaviors of electrical and electronical components like resistors, capacitors, inductors, diodes and transistors.

The course focuses Operational Amplifier and circuit configurations that use it.

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