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Little engineers grow. And want to help others do same!

We can summarize our goal this way, which we want to by-pass every academic education setting with.
Talking to children up to old curious people stimulate us to communicate as widely as possible, and we trust that the best way is to propose a quick but complete panoramic for every argument, single or related to others.
Above all we want you to be curious - again - to test our proposals, in few minutes and at a low cost.

Covering one or more argument in all its aspect without making it heavy is a big challenge, and a fascinating one.
Theory, Hardware, Software and Code to download in a simple manner, because you don't want to study.

You want to learn !

Crazy people behind this project actually are:

  • Anastasios Karidis (also known as TrustFM);
  • Riccardo Giuliani.