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Mastech Data Logger


hole hack 3


Here the section of Mastech MS8229 digital multimeter and its hacks.
Note that that all here reported works well for the Voltcraft VC-820 digital multimeter too.

The hardware section is covered by three specific articles, but to understand the software part we recommend to have basic programming knowledge, especially about Object Oriented Programming approach.

In the middle, we have the bitwise operations, related to ATMega microcontroller: these include the microcontroller's memory management too; they are necessary for the full understanding of present project.

Our programming lessons are here:

while the Bitwise Operation and memory articles are:

And now the Mastech articles:

The Mastech Data Logger project comes with a reading software, made by TrustFM (aka Anastasios Karidis).
It's available for both Windows and Linux platforms.

You can download it from here:

DMM Data Logger (

If you want to know what the software is and does, watch the presentation video below.

Thank you!