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Programming School

The Lazarus Project


Welcome to our school of computer programming.
A school where to learn by yourself with basic but powerful explanation here delivered: examples and arguments are treated in their essence to make you focus where is needed.
Don't expect a manual approach, but a walking proposal that grows with you and your necessities.

To ease all this, every lesson is related to a little project, in a way you get the whole vision of a problem, inside which to specialize some important points emphasized on articles titles.

Both projects files and only code are available to download or copy, and the programming environment is totally free:

  • FreePascal compiler (version 2.4.2);
  • Lazarus IDE (Integrated Development Environment; version 0.9.30).

You can find a brief presentation here.

We here cover two main aspects/techniques:

  1. Procedural Programming
  2. Object Oriented Programming (OOP)

The first one is usually more intuitive, because it focuses our attention to "the operations to do": the how.
In any case we'll use visual objects, like forms (windows, if you prefer), buttons, etc... so we'll get immediately familiarity with them (programming with objects).

The second one needs a little strength more, requiring to move us from the how to the what/who.
This means we first need to define classes of objects with their own properties and capacities, able to communicate one with each other.

It's time to begin.
Hope you'll find everything useful.

Procedural Programming:

Object Oriented Programming:


That's all (for now); you must only catch this opportunity on the fly!


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