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Liquid Filling Machine – Liquid Filler Part 1

It is time to summarize. We have seen how to connect our LCD on our Liquid filler project.
We have attached the three buttons based on the circular menu shown before and we are able to write into the EEPROM the weight limit.

Below is the final result :

Liquid filler built into a breadboard PART 1

The code can be downloaded from here : LiquidFillerPart1

The svg made with inkscape can be downloaded from this location : liquid-filler

The virtual breadboard design and the schematic is present below :

Liquid Filler On Breadboard Part1
Liquid Filler On Breadboard Part1 schematic

You can download the fritzing file from here : LiquidFillerPart1fz

Below is the demonstration video of our construction.

See you next time !