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Welcome to the Serialino project page!

We're talking about our Arduino Duemilanove (and similar) cheap compatible clone.

It was born to satisfy the necessity of replicate an Arduino platform at a reasonable cost, without renouncing to an IC for the serial communications (here the Max232): that's why Serialino's been designed for a single-sided copper board.

The design is realized in KiCAD, and the files of the project are available for download from the PCB post.
And yes... you can play and modify it as you wish, because we releases it under the terms of Creative Commons Attribution - Share Alike 3.0 license; we put only one limitation, about the use of the name Serialino.
You cannot use it if not clearly allowed by us.

The Serialino's construction and programming requires the knowledge not only of the physical board itself; so here a list of posts which gradually bring you to understand the basics of its realization and management (obviously the order is not mandatory), divided by arguments.


PCB design and realization:

Theoretical talks:

Logical aspects and software:

Bootload of ATMega:

Serialino's Project:

Serialino - 3D View

Have fun!
Thank to you all!