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Breadboard is an important tool for electronic circuits prototyping, it gives you possibility to easily interconnect and test components you need before any other superior step like translating everything directly on a copper clad circuit/laminate board; and it's reusable for a long time.

In first picture you can see an 830-points exemplar with line designed to highlight alimentation paths: alphanumeric signatures helps to keep them correctly, but they are not binding.

Essentially you must keep in mind that points covered with an unique line are surely at the same voltage, so that external orientation is opposite to central sections orientation.
As you can imagine every section is electrically separated from all others and they need wire to become connected.

830 points







Last two pictures show breadboards rispectively of 700 and 270 points; so more exemplars exist and this is good to cover the majority of necessities. Bigger ones include more points and a metal base.
Less points means cheap prize: if 270 points are enough for you so think to buy this one and not the others.
You'll save some money to get your first basic components.