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Playing with temperature sensor and Arduino

Now a little but important trick is part of us: "which is the correct verse? let me read datasheet".

So pictures below are self-explaining: Arduino 2009 will collect the signal out voltage (central pin) and thanks to a little bite of software code it will communicate temperature sensed.

Basically passages are:

  1. LM35DZ always senses temperature (not need to power it);
  2. when powered with correct input voltage and steadily referred to ground, sensor tranduces temperature into electrical size (here voltage);
  3. Arduino pick this value up, transforming it to the equivalent on a numeric scale from 0 to 1023 (that's because Arduino elaborates digital sizes, like every computer);
  4. software tells Arduino to convert this value to equivalent voltage (reversing operation) multiplying it by 100, getting final Celsius degrees; contextually checks if this value is less than 30 (gets red LED on pin 13 off) or not (gets it on).

Here below we have three pictures with sensor and Arduino working: starting sensed temperature is less than 30, which grows with help of fingers.