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MASTECH MS8229 is a 5 in 1 multimeter with excellent value for money rate.
By reading this post we have found that the IC used by this multimeter was the : FS9721-LP3.
This chip has RS232 output capabilities. The data-sheet can be downloaded from here : FS9721-LP3

The idea here is , starting from the IC documentation, to hack this multimeter, extract the data via RS232 and with the help of a dedicated software to be capable to do data logging.
This will be a hardware to software approach.

The pages 13 and 14 of the data sheet describe the transmission protocol.
Based on these two pages we will produce later our software application.

In the page 15 we can clearly see how we must hack our multimeter in order to output our serial data.

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Connecting UT61E with the PC

UT61E multimeter has data logging capabilities. Comes with a nice RS323 serial cable.
I have used a Prolific serial to USB cable under Windows 7 in order to connect it with my computer as you can see in the picture.
Normally the latest drivers can be found online.
The official page for this meter is located here.
Clearly from there we can download the data logger software version 2.0 only for Windows.
The version offered from the official web site is buggy but later in this article we can see how we can overcome this problem.
To a huge surprise to me i discovered that the bundled CD of the multimeter has a more updated version of the data logger! It comes with the version 4.01 .
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