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Turn a common laminator into a PCB laminator

Proceeding with this tutorial is 100% your choice.
It is not recommended to do it if you are not an expert.
I do not have any responsibility for anything that might happen to you (electrical shock, fire etc...)
The method is not guaranteed at all !

I bought an United Office ULG 300 A3 from Lidl. It is a cheap A3 laminator.

United Office A3 Laminator
United Office A3 Laminator ULG 300
Laminator sticker

The documentation of this laminator can be found here.

The first thing to do was to test it right away to see if the toner transfer method was doable with this device.
The 1.6mm thick copper clad passed easily on this laminator so i didn't need to open the laminator slot wider.
As i suspected, the toner didn't transfered at all.
This mean that the critical temperature wasn't reached at all even after several passes through the laminator.

It was time to open the laminator unscrewing the 8 screws

Opening The Laminator
Opening the laminator

Now i took a closer look and i find the two thermostats.
These two, in this particular laminator, where connected in parallel.
One was 120 OC and the other one was 160 OC.
The idea is that after reaching the 160 OC the two normally closed thermostats open and so the device does not heat up anymore.

Disassembling the two thermostats

So, to my surprise, i noticed that i was really close to my 170 OC goal.
I decided instead of adding a new 170 OC thermostat (which would be a better solution but i didn't had that thermostat) to keep the 160 OC one with a 1.6 mm single sided copper clad 22mm x 22mm underneath acting as heat separator with the copper downside.
In order to have more space i switched the position of the two thermostats. (swap)

Laminator mod
Laminator mod closer look

Since the temperature will be increased way too low i decided to keep as is the thermal fuse indicated at the first picture above.

In order to test the hacked laminator i leaved the case open into a open place so even if i cautch fire i could act very fast.