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The hacked laminator

Generally you need heat in order to accomplish the toner transfer method.
The toner transfer method will be explained in later tutorial.
The most difficult part at the toner transfer method is exactly this ! The toner transfer from the printed paper to the copper clad.
The classic method is to use a hot iron and iron your copper clad with the printed circuit over it.
Trust me, this method is hopeless. Even if you get a decent result you can not repeat it again and again.
You will only have a small percentage of success.
The paper , sure, is a key to this problem but does not solve all the mystery about this method.
The main problem is that you need to heat up the toner while you keep pressing over the paper.
So you have to do two things in the same time with the hot iron.
Instead doing that it is more convenient to buy a regular laminator at your local store and modify it a little bit.

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