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Lazarus! Get up, pick your pc up, and program!

The lazarus project

Even if you're far away fromĀ  programming any kind of software, you could be surprised by how beginning is simple.
Yes. Simple!
Programming is commonly intended like a sort of magic, where a strange magician press buttons on keyboard, creating wonderful mysteries.
Where possible, let's start destroying this myth!

Using a metaphor, programming is cooking.
You just have written a or have a written recipe: reading it you can imagine where it brings you, but making it is better, maybe discovering that you like it as it is, you don't like at all and start to improve it, you don't like at all and start to worsen it.

An ocean stands between words (code or recipe) and facts (software or dish); anyway... if we wanted to realize?
Answer is simple: you need tools.
Don't have them? Give up or make them!

Sometimes we're lucky: tools are available, and if well used give us great satisfactions.

Keep in mind one important thing: don't underestimate yourself, especially when tools are available, and forums for an help too.

This has been an introduction to an introduction of one these tools: Lazarus IDE with FreePascal Compiler.
What are they?
Names are explicative, but:
Lazarus IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is a truly visible cooking tool;
FreePascal Compiler is the quite invisible cooking machine.

Basically Compiler is enough: just writing a text file (for example called magician.pas - where pas is for Pascal) and giving it into the compiler's mouth, we get the result.
But try to design a "simple" window just by text files! possible and so long (omitting every kind of errors).
Here is where a visual tool comes to help us.

So when you read "X-programming-tool" IDE, it means you have an invisible engine with a simplified and commonly usable bodywork.
Is it clear now? No!?
You're right, my mistake: it's time to translate these words into facts.