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In this third and last article of this series we will add two libraries in our Lazarus project and the event handling. The compiled project can be found at TrustFm website. We are going to use the synaser library (part of synapse) for the serial communication and the PlotPanel in order to plot our real ...continue reading "Designing the software data logger for MASTECH MS8229 part2"

We have seen in this article how to hack fiscally our multimeter. Now we have to start building our software in order to parse the 14 byte hexadecimal string into something more human. The knowledge of bitwise operations is highly recommended and specially the masking technique (bitwise AND). It is now time to start ! ...continue reading "Designing the software data logger for MASTECH MS8229"

MASTECH MS8229 is a 5 in 1 multimeter with excellent value for money rate. By reading this post we have found that the IC used by this multimeter was the : FS9721-LP3. This chip has RS232 output capabilities. The data-sheet can be downloaded from here : FS9721-LP3 The idea here is , starting from the ...continue reading "Adding data logging into MASTECH MS8229"

    Here the section of Mastech MS8229 digital multimeter and its hacks. Note that that all here reported works well for the Voltcraft VC-820 digital multimeter too. The hardware section is covered by three specific articles, but to understand the software part we recommend to have basic programming knowledge, especially about Object Oriented Programming ...continue reading "Mastech Data Logger"

We collect here all our conclusive projects. While we consider them conclusive, they're certainly improvable. Nonetheless they run! The leit motiv guiding this section is to show you our works, which must be working and usable.   A filling machine based on arduino platform. Adding data logging feature to Mastech MS8229. Serialino. Our Arduino Duemilanove ...continue reading "Projects"