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UML Intoduction

In previous article about Lazarus IDE and Free Pascal compiler we began an important talk on how programming could be easy (thanks to other people's job).
Here is important to mention how a blind programming generally brings into a software with a short life-cycle, where not directly into failure.

As we like to remember on our site, theory and practice can travel together.
Software isn't an exception.

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Scidavis-logoIn every-day life compromise is a good way to go on; not only with people but in interaction with our world.
Think when you have to remember something, a good old friend you still don't meet since many years: how could you preserve the last record? but above all, how could you record every his/her single particular?
It's impossible; you have to retain just some important points, but not all.
In other words, some informations are lost: a truly necessary compromise. But remaining ones are enough to rebuild the original?

That's our article's target!

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