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Serialino and Ethernet

Finally we've got Serialino on the road.

Two tests will be shown, about the simple LED blinking, and the code to drive an ethernet board put on it.

Just a quick note:  Serialino is already burnt with a ATMega328p compatible bootloader.
This will ease any code uploading.
Won't it?
Or not?

Not so indeed, or not the same like we feel working with a factory-made Arduino board.

The reason is that communication between Serialino and PC could fail under some undetermined conditions.

A very common problem that affects many home-made Arduino clones.

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Digital Microscope USB 800X

A USB microscope can be useful for electronics or not ?
I was very skeptical before buying this gadget.
Everyone seems to use it for general inspection and not as a real time soldering equipment.
I have seen the excellent review of Todd Harrison which i highly recommend to watch before buying this gadget.
Two main things bothered me : how responsive would be on a fast desktop computer and if the distance between the microscope and the PCB board would be enough for soldering elaboration.
I bought this 800X microscope from e-bay and i must say that i was impatient to see its capabilities.

The package arrived today without a box. It came with a mini CD with the drivers a little stand, a calibration rule , a plastic cover for the lens and the microscope itself.

Microscope 20-800x CD ROM Drivers

The given stand is without doubt an inspection only stand since the maximum distance between the microscope and the PCB can be few millimeters.

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