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Strange Types Circulating (in code)

0 and 1 communicating

In a world of 0 and 1 bits the necessity to create a convention for communications rises up immediately.
They are the logical minimum set to create information (and the best one, as having been demonstrated), through possible variations between them. In absolute they're pure data.

Is it enough? certainly it isn't; we need at least a convention thanks to which creating an amount of interchangeable informations.

By basing on these last ones, we create again other more abstract new informations, and so on.

We're trying to summarize in few words a process that took many decades of years to assume a definitive common physiognomy, in the effort to bring computer science closer to human vision and vice versa: in a way you don't have to worry about what is happening under the hood... if you don't want!
But if you did?

From hardware design to software prototyping, computer science covers much of their fields.
We here choose a layer we talked about in Lazarus article: the software programming.

As said there, programming can be easy, or at least not so difficult: this becomes true if your tools permits you to begin writing code without any other thing to worry about.

So let's see if this is true: we start here a mini lesson, by provable examples always commented.
The is the first of a series of articles aimed to introduce you into an articulated programming vision, having care to do it together step by step.

By this way you'll quickly acquire confidence with code and tools, progressively becoming more independent.