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Liquid Filler On Breadboard Part2

In the first part of liquid filler we have made the user interface.
LCD buttons and circular menu were made.
Now it is time to add the relay and the weight sensor.
We will keep working on our breadboard.
In this article we will see how to connect the relay then our load cell amplified by the INA125 and lastly the modified code from the last time.

It is highly recommended to read the relay article and the weight sensors introduction before you start.

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Relay 5V

In this article we will talk about relays.
The relay is a device that permits with a small voltage to pilot a reed switch.
How this device should be applied on the circuit ?
How can we place it on an arduino ?
All these answers will be cleared in a while.
Let's start with some theory to see what happens in detail.
At the top of the relay we can see the 5V as input pilot voltage.
And we can see the 10A limitation at the 250VAC of the reed switch.
So with a 5 Voltage we can "switch" a 250VAC device that can consume up to 10A (P=V*I=2,5KW).
If you need to pilot a device that consumes more you should use a "bigger" relay that fit at your needs.

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